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Administrative Review Procedures

Minor modifications to previously approved animal activities may qualify for administrative review by IACUC staff or LAR veterinarians serving as members of the IACUC.

Clarification or minor modifications of proposed changes may be addressed through the administrative review process at the discretion of the veterinarian, IACUC chair and/or IACUC staff. Any significant concerns or questions raised through the administrative review process will result in referral of the renewal or modification request to Designated Member Review (DMR) or Full Committee Review (FCR). Modifications that result in different or additional hazards to personnel do not qualify for administrative review.

Change in Personnel

The IACUC staff may approve deletion, addition or modification of duties for personnel other than the principal investigator (PI). All qualifications as previously set forth by the IACUC must be met prior to such approval. 

Change in Funding Source

The IACUC staff may approve deletion or addition of funding sources.

Changes in Title or Other Minor Wording Changes in the Protocol

Title changes, provided that there is no change in objectives or modification of methods or procedures. Changes to fix typos or to adjust study timelines that do not impact animal wellbeing.

Changes in Animals to be Used

The Addition or change in the age, source or strain that does not require veterinary review for special husbandry or clinical care of the animals or new strains. (ie-no lethal phenotypes)

Less than 10% increase in the number of nonregulated animals used; for a USDA-regulated species, any increase is considered a significant change

Changes in Housing Location

The addition or change of a location or PI lab or the addition of a transportation change such as a personal vehicle. Both types of change must have assurance of inspection by the IACUC.